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Show tablefooter only at last page (grouped list)

October 26, 2010

If you have a List that includes several tables and you want to print an end summary at the end of the report but without any space or pagebreak between the summary and tha last data, then have a problem if you use a grouped list. Because when your group has  set Page Break at End, you have a page break between the last element on the list and the summary elemnt after the list.

But there is a simple solution for that, just put your summary in ex. a table footer at the end of the list. Now it’s printed on every group end, but with a simple invisible textbox you can make it print only on the last page.
Just add a textbox behind the list, and give her the value of the on which you group your list with the Last() function around it. Now give the textbox a simple name like: LastValueOfGroup. Don’t forget to set hidden to true!
Now you can set the hidden expression of your summary footer to something like this:

=(Fields!GroupingField.Value = ReportItems!LastValueOfGroup.Value)

That’s it, simple trick to print a footer of a table within a grouped list only on the last page!


From → RDLC

  1. parisa permalink

    i tried it but it doesn’t work

    • Sorry, for the late answer, i was on holidays. Can you explain what you did exactly and what’s not working?

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