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NAV Object Export as Text Encoding

May 18, 2011

As i’am working on a Object merge tool for NAV i’am strugling with encodings of NAV files (not for the first time 😉 ). It took me some time to find out which encoding is used for text export in NAV so i’d like to share.

A blogpost on mibuso said that its the OEM Charset, but i didn’t know which one or how to specify this in c# code.
This site gave me the information that it must be Page 437 and i used this encoding to read the file.

And it works! So Codepage 437 is the right one.

BTW C# Code is :

 StreamReader reader = new StreamReader(NavTxtStream, Encoding.GetEncoding(437));

From → C# .NET, Dynamics NAV

    • You’re right the Euro sign doesn’t work. but since all other special chars that are generally used (öüäéè) are working i guess this codepage is best solution. If you find any better solution for this or know any other character that goes wrong with this, reply please .

      edit: I answered on mibuso too. and shared my thoughts about it, feel free to comment.

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