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“Zoom” in Subpage (RTC)

December 5, 2011

As you may all know the famous “zoom” feature (F8) for classic client is a very powerful tool for any kind of troubleshooting. Unfortunatly in Role Tailord Client this feature (at least for subpages, like Sales Order LInes) went away…

at least i thought it went away, because there was only the “About This Page” which you can access by pressing the action in the upper right corner of every page, or hitting Ctrl+Alt+F1 (I hate those 3-key “short”-cuts).

A few days ago i read about this shortcut working for subpages too! (Thanks to Belias for pointing this out at mibuso)
And yes it works like a charm! This even works in SP1 too! BUT, the shortcut is different, for some reason the Ctrl+Alt+F1 Shortcut is in SP1 only working if you press the Windows-Key too.

This is insane, you need to press 4!! Keys to do this, but still better then not having the “zoom” feature.

BTW: On some machines (mostly notebooks) you ned to press the Windows-key in R2 too. So if Ctrl+Alt+F1 not work then simply try it with windows-key.


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