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Error when adding a sql user that was deleted before

January 27, 2012

Recently we encountered an sql problem that you get a sql error message when adding a user in navision that once existed in the database, then was deleted.

The error message says that the user already exists. But the error message is wrong 😉 because you removed the user so it doesn’t exist right?
Part of… the problem is when you remove the suer in navision it will be removed in the NAV Database but the user exists in the master db too.  This entry is created when you enter the user name in the User Table in NAV. Since the entry is not removed when you delete the User in NAV, you have to manualy delete the user in the master table in order to be able to add the User in NAV!

So if are not able to create a user in nav because it already exists, go to the master table and search for an existing entry for that user.


From → Dynamics NAV, SQL

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