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Standard Security Model & Custom Fields on the User Table

January 30, 2012

Another day, another problem 😉

Last friday we had a issue when moving a sql database from an old server to a newer one. The problem was that suddenly some poeple were not able to print some reports.
Long story made short:

The issue was realted to custom fields on Table 2000000002 User. This fields were updated when the print button gets pressed and that is very bad when using standard security model. When using standard model all permissions gets synchronized when the user table is modified, since we do this before printing in the context of a normal user which doesn’t have the db_securityadmin right in sql, this will fail, and the error message will be this:

"The Microsoft Dynamics NAV Classic and SQL Server security systems have not been successfully synchronized.  The SQL Server login <User> does not exist on the <Server> server."

I don’t realy know why it worked on the old server and to be true, i don’t want to know… because if every user is able to synchronize permissions, somethings seriously wrong  imo (btw: this security setting weren’t done by us).
So to solve the issue, we moved the fields from User table to User Setup Table and all is working fine.

So if you ever need to have fields on the User Table then consider moving them to the User Setup table because they belong there anyway.


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